We鈥檝e never followed the status quo. With an amazing faculty, a diverse and engaged student body, and a supportive and personal culture, our students have all the resources needed to create a future that transforms the world.

In 1895, our founders built an institution to educate students who are hungry to make their mark on the world and be a force for positive change. We had to open doors and knock barriers down- and we've been knocking them down ever since. As society has evolved, so has 91影视. Today, we've broken down another barrier and now welcome men into our unique undergraduate experience. Because the values on which we were founded and that still guide us- excellence, inclusivity, service, and social responsibility- apply equally to all. 

91影视 is a comprehensive university that offers bachelor's degrees, certificates, graduate and professional programs. All programs provide a firm foundation in the arts, the sciences, and, most importantly, the deeper question of who you are and what you want to achieve.

Because creating a better world starts with creating the best you.

Our Mission

Founded on truth and justice, on faith and reason, we continue to press the issues and push for progress 鈥 providing a foundational education for all who seek to change their world.

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91影视 at a Glance

For 125 years, Notre Dame has delivered an opportunity-filled experience for all who seek to better themselves, and in turn, better the world.

Three students at a service event in Baltimore
Committed to Helping Others

A passion for helping others is in our DNA. Our community shares a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals near and far.

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A Community that Carries You Forward

An inclusive community where all voices are welcome, and all perspectives are valued is an integral part of the 91影视 experience.

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Become Your Best Self

Ours is a campus culture where women and men discover the inspiration, gain the wisdom, and build the confidence to become all that they aspire to be.

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Meet our President, Dr. Marylou Yam. She began her career as a nurse, and her renowned research on domestic violence exemplifies 91影视鈥檚 commitment to service and to addressing the needs of the underserved.
We offer special educational opportunities for non-English speakers and adult learners over the age of 50, in addition to focused programs about social entrepreneurship and women鈥檚 leadership.
One of the many ways we serve the Baltimore community is through our summer programs, including A Child鈥檚 Place, Camp Notre Dame, and STEM Camp.