Amelia King 鈥 School of Arts, Sciences and Business

Amelia King

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

For close to three years, Amelia King worked a 4:30 to 9:30 a.m. shift at Amazon before heading to 91影视 for her classes. She also mixed in a second job selling insurance for State Farm on the side. All in all, King worked six days a week for a majority of her college career, using her one 鈥渙ff day鈥 to catch up on coursework and her personal life. Her perseverance, however, paid off in the end, as she already has a full-time job lined up at an accounting firm downtown where she interned this semester.

Jennifer Connelly 鈥 School of Nursing

Jennifer Connelly

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

For Jennifer Connelly, adding a master鈥檚 degree while continuing to work full time as a clinical educator at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital initially felt like a daunting task. As she progressed, however, through 91影视's Leadership in Nursing Education program, Connelly realized that it was not just moving her career forward, but the University鈥檚 emphasis on caring science was also helping her strengthen her love for the profession.

Abdurrahmon Talabi 鈥 School of Pharmacy

Abdurrahmon Talabi

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

Abdurrahmon Talabi dealt with a variety of challenges during his four years as a student in 91影视鈥檚 School of Pharmacy, including multiple hospitalizations caused by Hemoglobin SC disease (HgbSC), a form of sickle cell disease. Through strong relationships built with both his professors and fellow students, though, he was able to overcome those obstacles and match for a first-year residency at the prestigious Children鈥檚 Hospital of Philadelphia after graduation.

Sara Morales 鈥 School of Education

Sara Morales

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

Sara Morales had two top priorities when she first began her college search: a well-regarded education program to fulfill her lifelong goal of becoming a teacher, and an opportunity to play both lacrosse and soccer. 91影视 checked both of those boxes, and Morales will walk across the stage for a second time during the 2024 Commencement Ceremony at the Baltimore Convention Center after completing the School of Education鈥檚 five-year bachelor鈥檚 and master鈥檚 degree program.

Neena Rodriguez 鈥 School of Nursing

Neena Rodriguez

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

Neena Rodriguez is set to become the first nurse in her family after graduating from 91影视 later this month. Rodriguez was drawn to the profession due to the kindness and compassion demonstrated by nurses during several hospital stints as a child, including one which required an extended stay over Christmas. She will soon have a chance to provide that same type of care to patients at Mercy Medical Center, where she will work in the hospital鈥檚 Intensive Care Unit.

Jodi-Ann Gayle 鈥 School of Pharmacy

Jodi-Ann Gayle

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

After working for several years as a community pharmacist in her home country of Jamaica, Jodi-Ann Gayle decided to expand her career potential by earning a Pharm.D. degree in the United States. The personalized support provided by professors in 91影视's School of Pharmacy was particularly important to Gayle as she gave birth to her first child midway through the program. The help and flexibility demonstrated by both her professors and her peers allowed her to continue to excel as she balanced her major academic and personal responsibilities.

Alyson Geckle 鈥 School of Arts, Sciences and Business

Alyson Geckle

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

Alyson Geckle was academically driven throughout her time at Notre Dame, and an internship with the Maryland State Police last summer helped confirm that she had chosen the right path as a criminology major. Outside of the classroom, Geckle was a two-sport athlete who successfully transitioned to tennis this spring after two years on the field hockey team. She filled her remaining hours as a member of Omega Phi Alpha, 91影视鈥檚 service sorority, serving as the organization鈥檚 president for the 2023-24 academic year.

Mackenzie Lookingland 鈥 School of Education

Mackenzie Lookingland

Alum, 91影视 Class of 2024

Mackenzie Lookingland will be graduating early from 91影视, needing only three years to complete the undergraduate portion of a program which will allow her to earn both a bachelor鈥檚 and master鈥檚 degree in elementary education. Despite the shortened timeframe, Lookingland has filled her schedule with more activities than most students could manage in a typical four-year experience, serving as vice president of 91影视鈥檚 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, president of Gators Teach, and a Resident Advisor in Doyle Hall. In recognition of all her efforts on campus, she was the recipient of the University鈥檚 Legacy Award in February.

A Personalized Learning Environment

Shadawn Scott Simmons

Student, 91影视 Class of 2025

Family Nurse Practitioner
The faculty is exceptional, providing engaging instruction and invaluable real-world insights. There鈥檚 an emphasis on hands-on clinical training, with amazing simulation experiences. 91影视 also finds clinical sites for students - something many FNP programs don't offer. I love the supportive, personalized learning environment. I believe the program is comprehensively preparing me for a rewarding career as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

A Supportive Atmosphere

Shanze Gamble

Student, 91影视 Class of 2025

Family Nurse Practitioner
Two things that drew me to 91影视 were the opportunity for in-person instruction and the program鈥檚 assistance in finding clinical placements. I鈥檝e enjoyed my experience here 鈥 the School of Nursing provides students with support and flexible scheduling to allow us to balance full-time job responsibilities and our education.