Before there was even a campus, there was the Montrose House. A fitting namesake for the Montrose Society for Legacy Giving.

The building is known today as the Noyes Alumnae House. But over 150 years ago, it was the first structure on the 33-acre site for what was to become the Notre Dame of Maryland Collegiate Institute. Named the Montrose House, it served as a residence for the SSNDs who would be teaching there.

And so began Notre Dame's rich and enduring traditions in education that have been carried from the 19th into the 21st century. How appropriate that those who wish to nurture and sustain that heritage can do so with a legacy gift that makes them members of the Montrose Society.

In both spirit, and in name, the Montrose Society commemorates the very founding and values of the institution they support.

Join The Montrose Society 

You can help strengthen and sustain the mission of 91影视 for future generations by becoming a member of Notre Dame's legacy society.

You can do that in a number of ways:

  • Remember Notre Dame in your will.
  • Make Notre Dame a beneficiary in your retirement account or insurance policy.
  • Name Notre Dame as a beneficiary of your savings or checking account.
  • Bequeath real or personal property to the University.
  • Create a Notre Dame donor advised fund naming the University as a benefactor.

You will be joining other committed alumnae and friends as a Montrose Society member and, as such, have your name added to the Montrose Society plaque in Noyes Alumnae House.

Please contact Alden Reith to learn more about the Montrose Society at


  • For more information about Planned Giving options and other details please fill out this form: /form/planned-giving-montrose-society-form. Shortly after submitting this form, a member of our Institutional Advancement Staff will get in touch with you directly.