Our organization enhances the Residence Hall community with events and activities and acts as the governing body of the residence halls.

Officers are elected by their peers for a one-year (two-semester) term.

Some of RHA's goals and responsibilities include:

  • To serve as the representative governing body and voice of the 91影视 resident students;
  • To advocate on behalf of 91影视 residents to administration, the Student Government Association (SGA), and other student and community organizations as an initiator and supporter of change;
  • To encourage and assist the development of a healthy community that promotes diversity, student involvement, and respect;
  • To organize, fund, and foster the growth of Meletia and Doyle Building Councils in order to promote the purposes and goals of RHA;
  • To provide leadership opportunities for 91影视 resident students and serve as an avenue for their leadership development;
  • To promote campus spirit and pride;
  • And to collaborate with organizations and student leaders who have similar goals in order to further the community and well-being of resident students.